Our Mission
It is our mission to create and inspire brand loyalty.

Who we are
X•LARGE Copenhagen is a consultancy company whose core competence lies in branding and storytelling through custom made clothing and merchandise. Our goal is to continuously create and inspire strong customer loyalty for our clients’ brands.

What we do
X•LARGE Copenhagen offers custom made clothing, merchandise and gifts. In addition to the products, we provide a full service supported by e-commerce, storage and logistics solutions where needed. In other words, we can orchestrate the entire offer and make it all come together to create value for our Clients.

What we believe in
Many companies spend large amounts of money on traditional marketing and communication in more traditional media. However, there are other more effective and inspiring ways to achieve the same goals. We believe that significant loyalty from customers, employees and partners can be built and continuously maintained by a strategic and well-planned approach to branded clothing lines and merchandise. This will support both the branding and the revenue stream of any company.

TrygFonden Coast Lifeguards’ task is to ensure coastline safety and save live´s. To excel at providing this service in the Danish coastal areas they need highly functional off shore equipment. Keywords in design and product development have been:

   •   Protection from the sun
   •   Keeping the body dry and warm
   •   Functional as well as comfortable

X•LARGE Copenhagen is responsible for the design, product development and production.

Each year more than 130,000 people gather at Roskilde Festival to enjoy the music, art and the party atmosphere. X•LARGE Copenhagen´s role in this is to create as many brand ambassadors as possible while also generating revenue for Roskilde Festival. We provide lasting memories for the participants - inspiring them to come back again and bring their friends along! Through outsourcing from Roskilde Festival, X•LARGE Copenhagen handles the creative process, design, product development, production, marketing and distribution. Even the practicalities such as sales platform, retail, online web shop, on location sales are part of the service we provide.

Matas is Denmark’s largest retail chain within beauty, health and personal care. The chain consists of 300 retail shops and more than 2500 employees. X•LARGE Copenhagen is responsible for providing staff uniforms that match the brand identity of Matas, while letting employees look their professional best. Even the practicalities such as ordering of the uniforms and promotional merchandise are handled from a web shop provided by X•LARGE Copenhagen.

Loyal employees are important to any company. And part of maintaining this loyalty, is to show recognition directly to the employees. In Denmark it is a tradition to recognise the employees with a gift at Christmas. However, choosing the right gift can be difficult, not to mention time and resource consuming! X•LARGE Copenhagen provides support in this process with creative ideas, logistics, handling and custom made web shops.